Registration Process

Students who completed their undergraduate studies in Israel must register at the Registration and Admissions Section of the Hebrew University via the Internet or by completing registration forms which may be purchased in "Academon" or “Tsomet Sforim” stores. Appropriate documents must accompany registration according to requirements listed on the website or in the form instructions.

Students who studied their undergraduate degree overseas must register through the Registration and Office of Overseas Students Admissions, Goldschmidt Building Mount Scopus, Jerusalem 91905 Tel :02-5881607.

Parallel to the registration above, the student is required to fill out an internal registration form for the Department of Education and send it, together the with the required documents, directly to the Registration Coordinator for MA Studies in the offices of the Department of Education, School of Education, Hebrew University Mount Scopus, Jerusalem 91905.

Please Note: Only candidates who have carried out both of these procedures and enclosed the necessary documents will be considered.

Please attach the following documents to the internal registration form in the Department of education:


  • Transcripts must be must be submitted in two copies (an original and a copy or two official copies)
  • A copy with the original may be approved at the student office of the Department of Education
  • Students who have completed their undergraduate degree must attach an official printout with a detailed list of courses and grades, a final grade for each area of study and a final comprehensive grade for the degree.
  • Students who have not yet completed their first degree must attach an official printout of studies with a detailed list of courses taken to date with interim grades in all fields, and confirmation of requirements necessary to complete the degree.
  • Students with a teaching certificate or who are presently completing a teaching certificate must attach an Eligibility Certificate and an official printout of studies or interim report
  • Hebrew University students in Humanities and Social Sciences Departments who completed their studies after the year 1980 are not required to attach transcripts

Printed Resumes 


University exemption certificate for English language studies (for students who have not completed a university degree)