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Speaking in the plural - The Challenge of Pluralism for Jewish Education (Vol. 14)

Speaking in the plural - The Challenge of Pluralism for Jewish Education (Vol. 14)


The use of the term “pluralism” has become widespread in the context of Jewish education. The articles in this volume are a contribution to our understanding as researchers and educators, and to the development of a language which can deepen educational and research discourse. The volume seeks to mark out some of the educational dilemmas, possible educational aims as well as some of the costs and benefits that arise from the encounter between Jewish education and pluralism.

A number of articles contain reflections on the idea of pluralism, making conceptual distinctions between pluralism and related themes such as tolerance and relativism. Articles in the philosophical section of the book propose a basis for the connection (or opposition) between Jewish education and pluralism. The book’s next main section – one that focuses on theory and pedagogy - proposes educational theories concerned with pluralism and discusses their pedagogical potential. It also includes the reflections of practitioners whose work, in a variety of educational settings, is animated by a commitment to pluralism and, at the same time, is challenged by it. The last section of the book brings together empirical studies that describe and analyze the practices of pluralistic Jewish education. Bringing together these studies, which represent a wide range of disciplines and approaches, brings into focus the multiple ways of describing and analyzing the expression of, and responses to, pluralism in Jewish education in Israel and abroad. 

Last updated on 05/19/2015