MA IN EDUCATION - Blended Learning Masters Program specializing in Jewish Education

With the changing reality of Jewish life in the Diaspora, the Melton Centre for Jewish Education is moving in new directions to adapt to these changes and to offer solutions to strengthen Jewish education in communities abroad. 

Using the M.A. track offered at the Melton Centre as a strong base, we have developed a blended On-Site and Distance MA Program (non-research intended for students’ resident overseas) in Jewish Education, which is offered to Jewish educators in Jewish communities around the world.  The program is designed for educators in both formal and informal frameworks who are interested in Jewish Education and its dialogue with the Social Sciences, Educational Philosophy, and Jewish and Israel Studies.  Studies integrate on site and distance learning elements and require 40 credits for graduation.  

The principal advantage of this program is that Jewish educators abroad who, for various reasons are not able to spend a long period in Jerusalem, will have the opportunity to study with Melton Centre faculty and enjoy the unique academic resources of the Hebrew University. In addition, an MA degree in Jewish Education from the Hebrew University has a competitive edge over courses offered by other institutes in terms of the academic level and prestige.


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